VMware quietly shows Cloud OS, OpenPaaS, and VMforce at Ruby Conference

Yesterday, VMware previewed the first concrete evidence that they are moving forward on the OpenPaaS initiative, the VMware Cloud OS, and VMforce at the 2010 Ruby Conference in New Orleans. At the conference Derek Collison demonstrated an early preview of the VMware Cloud OS via. a command line interface that he and Ezra Zygmuntowicz created. […]

Where most Enterprise IT Architectures are today

Most Enterprises are architecturally in a rigid and fragile state.  This has been caused by years of legacy practices in support of poor code, design patterns, underpowered hardware (which focused on increasing MHz not parallelism/multi-cores).  What follows is a brief review of what has led us here and is needed background for the follow-on post […]

Is it me or is it EngineYard ? Updated – (The Answer is BOTH)

UPDATED: So after doing some additional reading at the suggestion of @drnic, I read what @tmornini said about the changes occurring.  What is the stated view of events?  EngineYard is growing up.  I can believe this as a plausible explanation, I state this because I have personally gone through this type of change at several of the startups […]

Public Cloud Hourly Cost Comparison

After receiving feedback from several readers and the desire to see the results, I have updated and reformatted my previous Cloud Cost Comparison. I have included comparisons between Microsoft Windows Azure, Amazon EC2, Rackspace Cloud Servers, and Joyent SmartMachines in this spreadsheet. This spreadsheet includes normalized data across CPU, Memory, Disk Storage, Disk Throughput, and […]

Microsoft Azure vs. Amazon EC2 – Instance Comparison

I decided to do this based on today’s PDC 2010 announcement of the Microsoft Extra Small Instance.  I wanted to compare and contrast Amazon’s EC2 Instances with Microsoft Azure’s Instances.  I came across what I believe to be an error on Microsoft’s website (both Medium and Large Instances currently show as $0.48/CPU hour.   Below […]

More on VMware’s Ruby Plans

Update: I got a response on twitter from Ezra Zygmuntowicz see below. Original Post Begins Here: Following yesterday’s post looking into Ruby’s creator Yukihiro Matsumoto’s visit to VMware’s Headquarters, I have gotten new information. VMware has hired former EngineYard Co-Founder & Software Architect and Ruby Developer Ezra Zygmuntowicz to work on Ruby for VMware (Some […]

Where Am I?

As all things change and new opportunities arise. I have left Hyper9 and am now pursing consulting opportunities until I’m able to get my new startup off the ground (yes, I have something in mind). I could spend a lot of time explaining why I left, but I think this is better said by someone […]

RabbitMQ is acquired by VMware / SpringSource

Why is this important to the Cloud? The RabbitMQ acquisition could be a component in a wider strategy by VMware to compete with Amazon. Amazon having recently announced (last week) their Amazon Simple Notification Service – SNS to compliment their Amazon Simple Queue Service – SQS service, showing their interest in backend messaging platforms. As […]

VMforce – VMware and Salesforce.com to partner?

The Cloud twitter/blogosphere is set ablaze once again with the news of VMforce , a partnership between VMware and Salesforce.com. Speculation has already begun with several sites picking up on the news / rumors. I will update this post with relevant links as they appear. VMware and Salesforce to announce partnership, VMs hosting rumored ZDNET […]