The Cloud twitter/blogosphere is set ablaze once again with the news of VMforce , a partnership between VMware and Speculation has already begun with several sites picking up on the news / rumors.

I will update this post with relevant links as they appear.

  • VMware and Salesforce to announce partnership, VMs hosting rumored
  • ZDNET – VMware, eye partnership; Virtualization as a service?
  • UPDATE! : It looks like Salesforce will be hosting VMware Virtual Machines!?! After some digging, this was shown in google’s cache:


    1. I don’t know man…
      I mean if Salesforce is hosting the VMs then they get into provisioning private hardware… but since they are hosting it what’s the point?
      If they give a VM appliance (or how the hell VMWare calls it) that would be cool but they would give out their #1 technology plus who would be able to support it running (in the private cloud) ?

      so… I’m curious to see what it’ll be

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