After receiving feedback from several readers and the desire to see the results, I have updated and reformatted my previous Cloud Cost Comparison. I have included comparisons between Microsoft Windows Azure, Amazon EC2, Rackspace Cloud Servers, and Joyent SmartMachines in this spreadsheet. This spreadsheet includes normalized data across CPU, Memory, Disk Storage, Disk Throughput, and Cost.

A few important notes about this data:
1.) It is current as of October 30th, 2010
2.) The data in the spreadsheet is normalized and a WINDOWS GUEST OS IS ASSUMED
(the above means that for example on Amazon, if you choose Linux it will be ~33% cheaper)
3.) I want feedback to improve the accuracy of this spreadsheet
(Fields with a ? mean that I have made an assumption)

Without further delay, here is the new Public Cloud Hourly Cost Comparison:
(Click on the Image to Download the Spreadsheet)
– Please Leave my Blog Link in or credit me if you decide to copy/use this


Disclaimer: I work for  Dell in DCS group, we build cloud solutions based on RackSpace, Joyent, and Azure technologies into the market.  This blog post is based on public information and expresses my analysis based on that public information.  It is NOT based on ANY Dell or partner proprietary information.


  1. Not a real comparison. Joyent includes bandwidth and puts and gets. It also doesn’t take into account for performance. We believe our Smart Machines perform 4-6X better than Amazon instances. We’ll have comparison up on our site ASAP.

  2. Great post . Can you also add in usage cost analysis table to this for all 4 and if possible a way to simulate how much it will cost based on usage/bandwidth etc for all 4.

    1. Hi Kehal,

      I intend to update the comparison in the next few weeks with many improvements. I will look at your suggestions and see which of them I can incorporate into the update.


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