As I have been working on getting a prototype together of a new technology I’ve been working on, I’ve been using VMware Fusion 3.1 . Yesterday, I finally worked out the last issue with what I cut as Prototype-1 . I backed up all of my code and of course my VM . Today, I copied my VM and decided to crack open the config files in the copy to see if there was anything I needed to look at before I brought the first VM of Prototype-2 online.

First I opened the .vmware package

Then inside the package I opened the .vmx

Now looking inside the .vmx I see a reference the .vmxf file (you can see the file in the picture above)

I open the .vmxf file and see the following

So why the wrapper?

My speculation is that this may tie into VMware / Spring Cloud Foundry, but I can’t find evidence to corroborate or rule this out. Notice that it supplies all of the important additional metadata for cloud purposes, primarily a VMId, ClientMetaData, HistoryEvenList, and a vmxPathName.

Anyone have any ideas?

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