Microsoft Azure Cloud – Top 20 Lessons Learned about MSFT’s PaaS

Two weeks ago, Rob Hirschfeld (@Zehicle) and I (@McCrory) had the benefit of intensive Azure training at Microsoft HQ to support Dell’s Azure Stamp. We’ve assembled a top 20 list of things to know about programming for Azure (and really any PaaS leaning cloud): If you want performance, optimize to reduce fees. Azure (and any […]

Microsoft Azure vs. Amazon EC2 – Instance Comparison

I decided to do this based on today’s PDC 2010 announcement of the Microsoft Extra Small Instance.  I wanted to compare and contrast Amazon’s EC2 Instances with Microsoft Azure’s Instances.  I came across what I believe to be an error on Microsoft’s website (both Medium and Large Instances currently show as $0.48/CPU hour.   Below […]

Where Am I?

As all things change and new opportunities arise. I have left Hyper9 and am now pursing consulting opportunities until I’m able to get my new startup off the ground (yes, I have something in mind). I could spend a lot of time explaining why I left, but I think this is better said by someone […]