I decided to look at the Rails Rumble projects today and have found several that look very promising. Some could be applied to the cloud and some just solve some interesting problems. Below are some of my top picks:

Top Pick:

GitWrite – A Blogging Platform backed using Git, Rails, and Twitter!


StillAlive– Focuses on website monitoring, but at a new deeper level not just simple pinging

Monitaur – Looks at server statistics and tracks details of processes, disk, swap and more

Miss Monitor – (this is their summary, the project isn’t up yet) > Collect, aggregate and visualize static and dynamic data about your application and libraries. This includes for instance performance data collected from services like New Relic or code statistics like flog score and lines of code.
The goal is to provide an overview how your application develops over time and helping to identify connections between different kinds of data.


SaaS Modeller – (this is their summary, the project isn’t up yet) > Our app will help SaaS startups forecast the impact of pricing and conversion rates on their monthly recurring revenue.
It will automatically create a spreadsheet that projects their revenue for the next 2 years. Based on Ryan Carson’s SaaS model google spreadsheet.
It will factor in churn rates, lifetime profits from customers and other useful metrics to help founders find the right model.

SaaS Metrics – Nice Dashboard providing Metrics on Subscriber Churn, Customers, Cash, etc.

Site Inspection:

Blob.ly – Grabs a website, evaluates and decomposes it, then let’s you share and collaborate about output.

Social Media:

WhackMeUp – A word game leveraging Google and Twitter.

Social Sofa – (this is their summary, the project isn’t up yet) > Social media collection, monitoring and discovery tool. Using PubSubHubbub, CouchDB and WebSockets/XMPP

StreamR – (this is their summary, the project isn’t up yet) > Streamr is a streaming web application that group most famous services of virtual life of companies and their employees (Github, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.)


SPRKLR – Realtime feedback from your audience on how well you are presenting

SlideHub – (this is their summary, the project isn’t up yet) > A tool and a simple markdown-based language to create web presentations. No flash involved

Online Utility:

The Unpack-App – (this is their summary, the project isn’t up yet) > Aren’t you tired of all these zip and rar files polluting your inbox?
We have decided to save the planet removing all these packagings for you!

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