As I continue my journey through Cloud Computing, Big Data, Networking, DevOps and more, I have decided to make another change. Today is my first day at Warner Music Group, where I will be assuming the role of SVP of DSP Engineering (aka SVP of Platform Engineering).

There may be speculation as to why I left VMware and Cloud Foundry, I would like to put that to rest here. VMware and Cloud Foundry are both things that I believe in and think they have bright futures. For me personally, I needed a change from a vendor role to that of a customer (which will also keep me in the Cloud Foundry ecosystem). The timing has absolutely nothing to do with Paul Maritz’s departure (which was coincidental).

I will be at VMworld presenting and participating (so feel free to connect with me there – Twitter is best for this).
I expect great things from VMware and especially the Cloud Foundry team over the next couple of years.
Meanwhile, at WMG, I expect to learn and do a great many new and exciting things that I will talk about more over time. I’m looking for a few very talented senior developers/leads to work with me, if you know someone or are interested feel free to send me a resume or ping me on Twitter.


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